Summer Sunset In A Sundress

She stands in front of the sink, looking out the big window in the kitchen while the sun is setting. The golden light pours in, and from behind makes it seems like she’s in God’s spotlight. One of his angels, standing in the center of my life. She isn’t aware of me in the door way. I stand, watching her. She’s barefoot on the coarse wooden floor. One foot flat on the ground, the other resting on her toes, heel to the ceiling. The water is running and splashing up from the sink. The mist of it, turned gold from the sun. She is perfect and in this moment, the world knows it too. I watch her brush a few strands of hair from her face as she looks up from the sink and out the window. I take one step forward into the light on the floor, just hoping to share a little bit of her glow. I take another. And another. I’m right behind her. The running water covered my approach and I take advantage of being this close. I take a deep breathe and fill my lungs with her scent. And for a single moment, she’s in my lungs and we’re one. I exhale slowly, returning her to the world. I lean in and kiss the back of her neck.

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