My name is Michael. My dream is cracking into the obituary, and furniture clearance ad copy markets, respectively. You’d be surprised how related the two subjects are, focusing on the stuff left behind. Maybe it’s a wife and kids, or maybe it’s an out of style recliner(Wow, I made a connection I didn’t think about. The store and the house probably have empty chairs now. Geez, that’s dark). Enough about me though, here’s something about the two people responsible for my innate abilities.

My father, Fulvio Francis Clune, was a classically trained actor and playwright. He wrote and starred in many plays. His most critically acclaimed work was “Les is More”. It’s the story of a gifted machinist who tragically loses the fingers and thumb of his dominant hand in a workplace accident. After a long, and difficult recovery, and many failed romantic relationships, he goes on to find himself. He also meets the love of his life, and the rock he’s always yearned for, in a ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ tournament. Our hero, George Grinn, plays the only move he can, rock, and wins the tournament and Magdalena’s heart. The End.

My mother, Alexandra Olivia Wellington, was an incredibly successful lounge singer and masonry worker. By day, she would pour concrete, lay brick, and do wonderful work on-site for her local union. At night, she was the main attraction at The Foundation Lounge. A popular piano bar in which she performed with many famous blues and jazz musicians as they made their way through town. She recorded one song, which she wrote, “Your Love Is Like A Cement Mixer”, but it had very little commercial success.

This is where I like to write.